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Welcome to Timex Shipping. We appreciate your decision to avail our service and we assure you a smooth stress-free move and excellent service.

Timex Shipping have established itself as a reliable and trusted name in UAE through years of outstanding service with commitment to customer satisfaction.

Timex Shipping movers cater to their customer's moving needs by proving motherly care;the mover whom you have chosen to undertake the moving of your valuable and memorable household items is with you to satisfy your needs as required by you. We strive to provide high quality of materials for packing and with personal supervision of skilled and experienced hands; we have the confidence and capability to fulfill the requirements of our clients to their utmost satisfaction. .

Through our on-going research we have analysed your preferences, to provide the peace of mind and assurance that all your personal belongings will be taken care of during the process of shifting and we strive to maintain world class standards.

We take pride in providing exceptional services and there is not a move we cant handle.